How to choose wedding vendors: 3 red flags to avoid

Choosing the right wedding vendors is important – but it ain’t easy!  As you shop around, you’ll notice that you have to consider many factors.  Most factors fall into two categories:

  • Concrete, practical stuff like service offerings, pricing, reviews, etc.
  • Subtle, intangible stuff like customer service, how you’re treated, and how you feel

In today’s post, I’m focusing on the second category – the subtle, subjective, intangible stuff.  I’ll dive deep into the attitudes, beliefs, and mindsets of wedding vendors.  More importantly, I’ll share three red flags to help you find the right vendors and avoid the wrong ones.  

I posted my three-part email templates on a popular wedding forum and I got feedback from wedding vendors.  Below, you’ll find straight-up, uncensored, candid feedback from real-life wedding vendors.  

Prepare to have your mind blown because some of this stuff is nuts!  

In this article, you’ll find straight-up, uncensored, candid feedback from real-life wedding vendors. Protect yourself the pushy sales tactics of the wedding industry by keeping an eye out for these three red flags.

The comments below are in response to my email templates (if you haven’t downloaded them yet, click here).  

Red Flag #1: The vendor is annoyed by your long email

Vendor quote: “I wouldn’t answer this…it is pretty time-consuming for us”

This vendor says she wouldn’t answer because an email like this is too time-consuming for her.  And she’s right!  But guess what?  Any vendor who truly wants your business is going to take the time to answer all your questions carefully.  

This vendor is obviously more concerned with her time than yours, but a quality vendor will take the time to read your email (no matter how long or time-consuming it might be) and answer your questions.  

Bottom line: If a vendor refuses to answer your email because it’s too long, too detailed, or has too many questions – they’re probably not the kind of vendor you’d want to work with anyway!  

And by the way, none of the vendors that I contacted for my wedding complained about my initial email being “too long.”  In fact, they were happy to hear from me, they answered all my questions, and they were impressed that I was familiar with their services.

Plus, my “long” email template saved us a lot of time, reduced the number of back n forth emails, and it’s nice to have the information in a single email.

Red flag #2: The vendor is bothered that you’re shopping around

Vendor quote: “You are just farming out for vendors”

You want to make sure you’re getting the best vendors to fit your needs and your budget – the only way to do that is to contact multiple vendors.  So I was baffled when I found that many vendors were upset about this.

Competition is a good thing – it motivates vendors to provide excellent work at reasonable prices.  And it’s no secret that couples have plenty of options; that’s capitalism.  

Be skeptical if you come across a vendor who is troubled by the fact that you’re shopping around.  Think about it for a second – what kind of vendor would you rather hire:  

  • A vendor who is intimidated by their competitors?  
  • A vendor who is confident in their work?  

Bottom line: If a vendor is intimidated by competition – it’s for a reason.  Maybe their competitors are a better option!

Red flag #3: The vendor won’t provide information unless you commit to their services

Vendor quote: “You’re using vendors for information with no commitment …”

OK, this one just blows my mind.  Seriously: WTF!?  

This vendor feels “used” when couples request information without a commitment to hire her.  This is a MAJOR red flag!   Do not book any vendors without getting all of the information you need upfront.  

Most vendors will do their best to answer all your questions and give you as much information as you need to make your decision.  

It’s completely unfair (and a very poor business practice) to expect a couple to pay a deposit or make any type of “commitment” before giving transparent information about the service.   Quality vendors won’t pressure you into hiring them.  

Bottom line: Any vendor who refuses to answer your questions unless you commit to buying their service is not cool and does not deserve your business.  If you find yourself in this situation – run the other way!  

Final Thoughts

You have plenty of options and it’s OK to shop around!  

If you haven’t already, you will experience the pushy sales tactics of the wedding industry.  Protect yourself by keeping an eye out for these three red flags.  

If you feel like you’re being pressured, if you’re not getting straight answers, or if you feel uncomfortable – walk away guilt-free.  Trust your instincts, they’re usually right.  

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